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About Sweetfern Designs

About Sweetfern Designs

A little about how Sweetfern Designs came to be…

I’ve always had a thing for wood – trees, furniture, growing, refinishing and how they are all tied together.  A few years ago I was at a educational technology conference, and watched a demonstration of a couple different laser engraver/cutters.  I was fascinated and wanted to take one home with me.   Fast forward to 2020, and being a teacher, and having to teach remotely, I knew I needed something to ‘do’.  I took the plunge, purchased a laser with the idea I’d make some decorations, gifts, teaching tools, etc.   Well… things took off much to my amazement and my dog helped me name my new adventure ‘Sweetfern Designs’.  Long story, somewhat shorter… Charlie came back from a hike smelling like sweetfern, which solved my dilemma of what to name this adventure.

I’ve never considered my self artistic, but I knew I liked designs and patterns from sewing and quilting.  Turns out I do have some creativity that has been unleashed.

I truly love creating and finding the ‘perfect’ design for others.  There’s something so satisfying when I can create something that causes someone else to say “that’s just what I wanted!”

I’m located in SW Maine, still teach full time, and find that creating is very relaxing!  Feel free to reach out with any questions or ideas!

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